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Seventh Generation: Changing the Perception of Clean

As part of its 2016 “Come Clean” brand campaign, household and personal care products company Seventh Generation worked with actress, SNL star and mom, Maya Rudolph, to sing the “vajingle” (a vagina jingle) – a catchy little ditty about why women should be concerned with what’s in their feminine care products and what they could do about it.

With PR, media and advertising agencies working together, the integrated team brought the vajingle to life through:

  • Proactive, targeted PR outreach focused on business and consumer lifestyle outlets
  • A one-time TV media buy on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
  • Paid digital and social promotion with WhoHaha, co-founded by Elizabeth Banks

With the video living primarily as a digital asset and appearing only once on TV, PR/earned media was the driving force for general consumer awareness and success. The team exceeded expectations with articles in Glamour, Shape, Fast Company, SheKnows and PopSugar, among others, resulting in more than 41.5 million impressions. In addition, celebrities such as Jessica Biel, Andrew Zimmern and Lin-Manuel Miranda shared the content organically on social.

Over the seven-day period following the launch, Google search reflected an increase of 750 percent in searches for Seventh Generation Tampons and an increase of 350 percent in searches for Seventh Generation Feminine Care. Sales of the product increased dramatically, as well.