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Chengdu Office

Nicole Zhang

General Manager

Nicole has more than 16 years of PR and marketing experience, working closely with clients in the healthcare, technology, energy, property, automotive and local government sectors. As general manager, she is responsible for the day-to-day operations, growth, client relations and staff development in the Chengdu office. Nicole is a specialist in PR strategy development, local government relationship building and has strong media relationships in southwest China. Prior to joining Allison+Partners, she was the general manager of Across China Communication Group, where she worked with the Chengdu government and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. She also spent five years at Hill+Knowlton, serving a wide-range of industry clients such as HP, China Telecom, Wacker and Chongqing government. Nicole is a graduate of Sichuan University of Science and Engineering.

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With a population of 15 million, Chengdu is one of the most important economic, financial, commercial, cultural, transportation and communication centers in Western China. The city drives development for provinces further West, and is a national model city for innovation and IPR protection. It was selected as a “Model City for Investment Environment in Inland China” by the World Bank and ranked by Fortune as one of the world’s 15 best emerging cities for business. Our bilingual team understands how to leverage this unique position, developing marketing and communication strategies across numerous industries to drive business results for companies within the region and abroad. We specialize in branding, travel and tourism marketing, economic development and public affairs, and have strong relationships with influential media in the region. 

Chengdu in the hot seat

  • Historical event: From about 320 BC to 235 BC, Li Bing organized the Dujiangyan water conservancy project, a milestone for water conservancy technology around
  • Favorite in-office activity: Brainstorm sessions!
  • What is the most iconic landmark in your city: Sun bird sign (太阳神鸟)


Hours in Chengdu 

In the early morning, you will be awakened by the sound of the Sichuan Opera from Huanhuaxi Garden. Amidst the sounds of the opera, the city’s older residents will be practicing Tai Ji. While wandering in the garden, you will see the beautiful view as described by the Tang poem of Du Fu, written thousands of years ago. Nearby, stands the Chengdu Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum built as a memorial to this great poet. Next, it’s time to taste Chengdu’s famous breakfast, which includes Dragon reading hands, rice balls and dumplings.

After breakfast, head to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding to hug some adorable panda babies while they sit, eat and walk all around you. When it is time to say goodbye, take a rest in a teahouse and have some delicious Sichuan cuisine for lunch at the Apricot Restaurant. Afterwards, walk along the China Lane and Wu Hou Shrine to soak up some sunshine and local flavor.

Next, head over to visit one of the largest buildings in Asia, the Chengdu New Century Global Centre. Go shopping, skating and enjoy the afternoon with friends in what’s considered to be a manmade paradise. Now that it’s dinnertime, take a taxi to eat some regionally inspired hot pot. As night begins to fall, walk to the Nine-Arch Bridge, a street dotted with countless bars where people dance and sing under shining lights. Finally, leave the exciting atmosphere and retreat to a quieter side of town to feel the true soul of our beautiful city.